How to market your online store for the holidays? Here are a few great, unique marketing online store ideas to use for the holidays!


Marketing your online store properly during the Holidays is really important as it will help you attract more attention, get new customers, and increase your sales.

In this article, we will discuss how to make your online store stand out during the holiday season. Even though there are different strategies and tricks you could use to attract customers during the Holidays, if you want to achieve great results, you need to use something that is effective and already proven.

We are going to share some pretty unique, outside-the-box marketing online store ideas that will inspire you to get started with a few ideas of your own. Let’s start:

  1. Create a gift guide – A lot of potential customers start the holidays with a shopping list of how many products they need, who they need to buy for, and etc. Here is one idea, why don’t you create a gift guide for Mom, for Him, for Grandma, for The Cutest Baby in the World, and etc. Don’t be afraid to get creative. You will be surprised what can you do if you just let your inner creativity out.
  2. Offer a wish list – Giving your potential customers options such as the option to create a wish list of their favorite items on your ecommerce store is really important. Just think about it, if they share the list with their friends, you will be able to attract more potential buyers to your store.
  3. Offer free shipping – Online customers prefer WYSIWYG or what you see is what you get. If you decide to offer free shipping for the holidays, we guarantee you that you will be able to attract lots of attention and new customers. Also, your customers will know that the prices you offer on your site are the prices they are going to pay at the end, so they will obviously come back to shop again.
  4. Offer combined shipping – If you don’t want to offer free shipping, you could offer a combined shipping. When customers purchase multiple items you could offer a discount on your shipping.
  5. Cross promote with other online stores – This is probably one of the greatest things you could do for the holidays. Find online stores that simply fill the gaps in your selection of products and complement your offerings. By doing so, the customers will discover your store and your products, they will discover their products, it is a win-win situation.
  6. Coupon codes – Offering coupon codes online is probably the oldest trick in the book, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it. You can change it a little bit and make it modern and interesting, for example, target your group of potential buyers with a Facebook ad and then offer a coupon code in exchange for likes.
  7. Offer gift wrapping and decoration – A lot of people shop online as they are simply too busy to go to the stores. Give them one reason why they should shop from your online store during the holidays. Offer a complete decoration or gift wrapping.
  8. Give discounts for making an action – The coupon codes are not the only thing that will motivate your customers to come back for more. You could offer a certain discount for people who will sign up to your email list, refer your online store to a friend, and etc.
  9. Include lots of holiday-themed photos – You can add photos of people enjoying your products or a video of your employees decorating or gift wrapping the presents.

Happy selling!


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