Consumers are using the internet to navigate their way to all kinds of businesses and brands online. Here is how to advertise and market a website with these 10 popular websites. Get more traffic now!


The advertising, marketing, and promotion of the future are going both local and online. This is an extremely popular trend which is growing rapidly and apparently, it shows no signs of letting up.

There is absolutely no question that online consumers and shoppers are using the internet to navigate their way to all kinds of businesses and brands. According to one research, by ROI Research Inc. and Performics, the online searches influence from 20-30% of purchases made at different retail locations and this number just keep on growing. There are more and more websites, such as which are making their presence known by standing side to side and competing against popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. So, if you want results and you want to properly advertise and market a website, plan your budget and get in on the game.


In this article, we are going to show you how to advertise and market a website by using 10 of the most popular websites on the web.


  1. Google AdWords – You probably have heard about Google AdWords until now. This website can help you a lot. How? This site helps you target local online consumers by setting pay-per-click ads to come out only when people search a specific region, state, or city. The best thing about using this site is that there is no minimum spending requirement, you are the one who sets up the daily budget.
  2. Yahoo! Local Listings – Another great website you could use. This site will promote your business or brand to consumers looking for different information in Yahoo! Local. You can select from 3 different plans, according to your business’s needs.
  3. AOL’s CityGuide – This website specialized in offering local entertainment details to all AOL service members. Using AOL enable marketers to target customers specifically by market and lifestyle.
  4. – This website will help you manage your online reputation, as well as, become more visible in Google and other search engine results.
  5. Froogle Local – This is the best website that will help you search for a specific product or service by location. It doesn’t matter whether or not you use e-commerce as this is the ideal way for users to find brands and retail stores online.
  6. Dotster – Have you heard about Dotster before? It is a web domain and hosting company that offers a web advertising package known as Local Site Promotion. It is a great way to promote your business locally. All you need to do is set a monthly budget and Dotster will help you make your advertisements visible on all popular search engines.
  7. RegisterLocal – This is an online service that costs $199.95 per year and allows you to make a master profile which they later submit to directories and search engines on your behalf.
  8. Craigslist – This site has more than 10 million visitors per day, amazing, right? This website connects buyers and sellers in 300 different communities. It is great to advertise and market a website on this platform and the best part is that posting on this site is absolutely free.
  9. TrueLocal – This local website offers advertising opportunities for businesses and brands and it starts at $1 per month.
  10. ReachLocal – A great website that offers a central location for businesses to create, maintain, and track local advertising campaigns.

Pick the best site and advertise your online store or e-commerce site properly.